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Engraved coin, 1918.

Engraved coin, 1918.

In recent months Somerset Heritage Service has acquired a number of interesting objects relating to the First World War. This coin was kindly donated by a member of the public who spotted it at a car boot sale.

The coin is Iranian and was minted in 1901/1902. One side of the coin has been engraved. The inscription reads:

202260 W Jones 1/4 SOM L I Baghdad 1918.

Not all fighting in the First World War took place on the Western Front. Soldiers serving in Somerset’s county regiments saw action in Palestine, Egypt, Gallipoli and Mesopotamia.

All we know about W Jones is that he held the rank of Private in the 1/4th Battalion The Somerset Light Infantry. This unit served in Mesopotamia from 1916 until the end of the war in 1918.


4 thoughts on “New Object

  1. I have a similar ID tag from one of my great great uncles. He was with the South Wales Border. I am unsure of where to post the photo of both sides. Guidance needed please. Thanks.

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