Local War Poetry – Part 2

Following on from Tuesday’s post we have more poetry by G F Shaw published in the Weston Mercury.

Mr Shaw contributed a snappy couple of verses about Kaiser Bill which began:

Self appointed, God anointed,

But disjointed soon to be,

By the crashing, clashing, smashing,

Dashing arm of liberty.

War declaring, never caring,

Ever daring God and man.

Interfering, leering, jeering,

Sneering as a despot can.

And as a complete contrast the following more reflective poem appeared a week later which shows that Shaw was not simply consumed by patriotic and nationalistic zeal, but held a wider vision, one of peace between all peoples.  It is called Dreams, and includes this verse:

I dream of a future doubly blest,

Of comfort after pain,

When hearts of men with love possessed,

And sunshine follows rain.

I dream of a time when war shall cease,

And all world’s striving o’er,

And happiness, concord, goodwill, peace,

Shall reign for evermore.

Perhaps many would call it doggerel but it is one man’s outpouring of emotion expressing his feelings about the war, and would have fed into the popular imagination of the day.

If anyone has any information about G F Shaw of Axbridge Union Workhouse please get in touch.


One thought on “Local War Poetry – Part 2

  1. After a further contribution printed in the Weston Mercury on 24th November, G F Shaw was identified as a member of staff at the Axbridge Union Workhouse with the added comment that 500 copies of two of his poems (including ‘Belgium’) were sold after publication by his colleagues in aid of Belgian Refugee Fund)

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