Creating the Temporary Exhibition: Selecting Objects and Archival Material

During the last two weeks the Somerset Remembers project team has been looking at the objects and archival material which will feature in the temporary exhibition at the Museum of Somerset in July next year.

WW1 Poster

First World War Poster

Project Archivist Liz Grant has organised the archival material into relevant themes for the exhibition, such as Joining Up, War Work and Daily Life. In addition to this additional material has been made available for the Weston-Super-Mare Museum First World War exhibition, which will be open earlier next year.


Joining Up Photographs

Various objects have been selected from our existing collections including dresses, uniforms, and medical equipment.

The Artist Jon England with the Project Team

The Artist Jon England with the Project Team

Both selection days were attended by the artist Jon England, who was looking for inspiration for a project based on our First World War collections.  Jon’s previous works have featured in Somerset Arts Weeks; they are influenced by the Second World War and created from items relating to the time period.

Wartime Poster

Wartime  Cartoon

Our exhibition will now begin to take shape.

Taunton Memorial Programme

Taunton Memorial Programme

We would still like to hear from anyone who has items relating to Somerset during the First World War, particularly those with a link to the Home Front, Agriculture, War Work and Daily Life.


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