Somerset College Projects

A group of first year Fashion and Textiles degree students from Somerset College of Arts and Technology have been helping produce materials for school sessions as part of the Somerset Remembers project.

Working with our Formal Learning Officer, Lizzie Mee, the group were asked to create an Edwardian object that would have been in common use before or during the First World War.

They enjoyed a tour of the museum stores and archive strongrooms at Somerset Heritage Centre before setting to work on their artefacts.

Objects were carefully researched by the students and where possible, identical materials were used to create the final product. 

 Edwardian objects made by the students

Edwardian objects made by the students

Last week we were delighted to receive their completed projects. These beautifully-made textile objects will be used for the new WWI school session, which will commence next September.

Many thanks to the students involved in the project; these objects will bring the Edwardian period to life for children throughout Somerset.

To book the school session, or if you are interested in creating replica items, such as gas masks, clothing or Edwardian accessories, please contact Lizzie Mee on 01823 347451 or email


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