Interesting Finds

In the last few weeks the Somerset Remembers team have been choosing objects for the forthcoming exhibitions.

A number of unusual items have come to light. We have recently discovered that three stone tools from the overseas archaeology collection have a First World War connection.

Two of the objects were donated to the Somerset County Museum in 1917 by Claude W Gray. A label on the largest object reads:

     Flint implement found with a flint scraper of Neolithic type near the Vimy Ridge, Artois,        France, 2m behind the firing line before the Canadians stormed the ridge. Deposited by Claude W. Gray, 1917.

Vimy Ridge Tool

Claude Gray’s brother, Harold St George Gray, was the curator of the Somerset County Museum.

The smaller scraper has the following label: 

Mareuil near Vimy Ridge, Artois. C.W. Gray, 1917.

Vimy Ridge Tool 2

Vimy Ridge was captured by Canadian Forces in April 1917 after heavy fighting.

Another stone tool in the collection was found in Cape Helles, Gallipoli. It was donated to the museum in 1922 by a Mr Jack Bartlett who found the spearhead whilst on active service during the First World War.

Gallipoli Tool

The objects belong to the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society.


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