BBC World War One at Home

Members of the Somerset Remembers team, along with two project volunteers, have contributed to the Somerset stories for the BBC ‘World War One at Home’ series.

This project reveals how the momentous events of the war affected life on the Home Front. Around 1400 stories will be broadcast throughout 2014 and beyond, on BBC local and national radio and television, and online.

The Parish Returns were the focus of the interviews which took place at the Heritage Centre and will feature as one of a series of 20 stories to be broadcast throughout this year.

The Parish Returns are the fascinating and possibly unique documents that have been the source of several articles on the blog since September 2013:

A little used resource, they include information from parishes across the county about the men that served, war work, charity work and war hospitals.

Two dedicated project volunteers have worked on the digitisation of all 172 returns and are now transcribing the extensive Yeovil return. 

 Volunteers Chris and Katharin Dalton with Vernon Harwood from BBC Somerset

Volunteers Chris and Katharin Dalton with Vernon Harwood from BBC Somerset

Somerset Heritage Service have worked with BBC Somerset on the two of the first five stories that are being broadcast this week as part of the series:

David Elliot from the Somerset Military Museum can be heard discussing the military career of Dad’s Army actor Arnold Ridley, and recordings from the Oral History Collection were used for the Yeovil ‘Flax Picking Land Girls’ story.

We are pleased to have been invited to contribute to this important national project.


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