Friends Donate £2000 to Somerset Remembers

The Friends of the Museum of Somerset have raised £2000 for the Somerset Remembers project.

Three members of the Friends, Betty Carter, a long-standing member, Felicity Hebditch, retiring chairman, and Mick Grigg, treasurer, presented the cheque to Assistant Curator Sam Astill, who is leading on the commemorative project for Somerset Heritage.

From L-R Mick Grigg Treasurer, Sam Astill Assistant Curator, Susie Simmons Visitor Services Manager, Felicity Hebditch Retiring Chairman and Betty Carter

From L-R:  Mick Grigg, Sam Astill, Susie Simmons,  Felicity Hebditch and Betty Carter

The money was raised through subscriptions, donations and raffles at the Friends’ meetings, and will go towards meeting the costs of the project.

A six-month exhibition will be held at the Museum of Somerset this summer. Built around the stories and experiences of Somerset people during the First World War, it will go beyond the military aspects of the conflict to explore the wider impact on the county.


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