New First World War Exhibition at the Weston-super-Mare Museum!

A new exhibition, entitled ‘Five Lives, Five Stories: North Somerset People and the First World War’, opened to the public on Saturday 7 June at the Weston-super-Mare Museum.

The exhibition looks at the impact of the First World War on the lives of five North Somerset people, tracing their stories before, during and after the war.


 The five people featuring are:

  • Robert Cruse (1878-1917) who fought with A Company, ‘Bristol’s Own’, 12th Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment
  • Edith Graves-Knyfton (1876-1964) who worked as Vice-President for the British Red Cross for Weston-super-Mare District
  • Alfred Leete (1882-1933) who designed the most iconic image of the First World War showing Lord Kitchener
  • Harry Mogg (1860-1929) who led Mogg’s Military Prize Band at recruitment events and fundraising concerts
  • Beatrice Page (1889-1972) who was the first female tram driver in the country

The five were selected because of the diverse roles they played during the war. 

 Visitors enjoying the exhibition

Visitors enjoying the exhibition

Entry to the exhibition, which runs until Sunday 14 December, is free. The museum is open 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

For further information please visit Weston-super-Mare Museum, Burlington Street, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1PR, call 01934 621028 or email


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