North Curry Society: Lest We Forget

North Curry Society and North Curry Archives have put together an exhibition in the parish church to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First Word War. The exhibition, which also includes panels prepared by the village school and local industries, has the theme Lest We Forget and shows how families were affected by the war and how local people fared in the conflict.

North Curry Society

We would like to express thanks for all the stories sent by North Curry residents regarding the war, and hope the exhibition jogs further memories. The Archives will be pleased to receive additional details and memorabilia to photocopy for their records.

The exhibition will open at 5pm on Monday 28 July, the day the Austrian-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia, and will continue 9.30am to 6.30pm each day, closing Tuesday 5 August, the first day after Britain entered the war. Brigadier Geoffrey Durrant will perform the opening ceremony, which will be followed by music, readings and light refreshments; there will be a retiring collection for the Royal British Legion.

The village archives are kept in the loft above the community coffee shop, and are open most days (not Mondays). Betty Koppa BEM, or one of the other knowledgeable volunteers, will be pleased if you drop in for a chat.


Alan Billinghurst (Chairman) 01823 490421

David Walker (a Publicity Officer)


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