Discover the First World War through the Imperial War Museum’s Sound Archive

Military historian Peter Hart visits the Museum of Somerset on Thursday 23 October for an evening talk called ‘Flashbacks from the Front’.

Peter Hart is an internationally-known author and oral historian at the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London. His talk centres around recordings of First World War veterans who describe their experiences of the conflict.

Since the passing of the last First World War veterans the recordings are now a unique source of authentic voices from the front line. Few had ever written anything down or preserved their contemporary letters, so without these interviews their experiences would have been lost.

Peter Hart talk - flashbacks

Peter said: “All the voices preserved in the IWM recordings have now fallen silent. The men I interviewed had survived the war and the economic hardships of the 1920 and ‘30s.  Most had also experienced the many joys and challenges of marriage, parenthood and family life.  Oral history provides a level of detail that is unequalled by any other source. It brings the past into sharp focus.”

These recordings are a remarkable testimony to those who lived through the First World War. The talk by Peter Hart is a rare opportunity to learn about what the recordings can tell us about the conflict.

The talk takes place at 7.30 pm. Tickets are priced at £8 and are available from the museum. Please call 01823 255088 or email


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