Heritage Centre Welcomes New Collection

We are very grateful to receive an interesting new collection of photographs relating to the work of the Wiveliscombe Mule Depot.

The Mule Depot in Wiveliscombe was set up in early 1915 in addition to existing Mule Depots in the county under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel G. H. Badcock.

The people of Somerset were told to look out for the animals moving around the county, as reported in the Devon and Exeter Gazette:

The Devon & Exeter Gazette 9 January 1915 reporting the presence of mules in the county.

The Devon & Exeter Gazette 9 January 1915

Mule Depots were created in West Somerset due to the proximity to Avonmouth docks. The animals entered the country via the docks, and went on to rest on Somerset farms before going to their duties in Europe.

In the Devon and Exeter Gazette of March 25 1915, ‘Tenders are invited‘ by Lieut.Col. Badcock to supply the Mule Depots hay, grain, and oats ‘between 1st May and 31st July 1915.’ No.10 Depot is based at ‘Messrs.J. and W. Dunn’s, Jew’s Farm, Wiveliscombe‘.

A few of the photographs are featured here:

Further information about Mule Depots please see:







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