A six-month exhibition will be held at The Museum of Somerset in 2014. Built around the stories and experiences of Somerset people during the First World War, it will go beyond the military aspects of the conflict to explore the wider impact on the county.

Building on the newly-digitised collection of First World War photographs and records produced as part of the project, there will also be three touring exhibitions which will tour a variety of venues across Somerset and North Somerset. There will also be a temporary exhibition at Weston-super-Mare Museum.

Particular emphasis will be put on two themes: the ways in which the war changed people’s lives, and how Somerset people have remembered the war and those lost in it.

The exhibition will include a variety of storylines which will explore the way Somerset was affected by the First World War, including:

Joining up
Thousands of Somerset men joined all arms of the services during the war and over 8000 were killed. The exhibition will bring their stories to life.

Fighting the war
The exhibition will focus on the county’s regiments and their role in the conflict.

Somerset women
Somerset women made many important things during the war including soldiers’ puttees, shells and airplanes. The exhibition will reveal their role and responsibilities during the war.

Agriculture and food
The exhibition will look at how the war changed farming and the Somerset countryside.

Many of the nation’s most famous war memorials were made in Somerset. The exhibition will explore how Somerset people have remembered the war and those lost in it.